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June’s Wine Box Bundle


Have all the joys of our monthly wine box with the addition of a Pour Decisions jute bag at a discounted price!! That’s right! Four bottles look so pretty in it too…

Included – 1 jute bag


June’s wine box  – wines that are perfect for the season. Refreshing, aromatic, delightful and moreish!

A selection of 4 of our favourite wines, suitable for all occasions and with a cheeky little discount for you!


Valli Bianco, Valli Unite, 2022

  • white
  • Cortese
  • Piemonte, Italy
  • 12 % ABV
  • 750ml

The wine previously known as Rube Bianco, this is a white has had a touch of skin contact that adds texture and complexity. Great everyday wine that offers so much!


Tragolargo, Casa Balaguer-Vinessens, 2023

  • Orange
  • Moscatel & Malvasia
  • Alicante, Spaiin
  • 12 % ABV
  • 750ml

Tragolargo has quickly turned into one of our favourite orange wines!
It is a aromatic and enticing orange wine made with Moscatel and Malvasia by Alicante natural wine legend Rafa Bernabe. Savoury and wild with notes of orange peel, quince, chamomile.


Ink, Judith Beck, 2022

  • Red
  • Grape: Zweigelt & St. Laurent
  • Burgenland, Austria
  • ABV:12.5%

Mostly Zweigelt with a bit of the lovely St. Laurent for freshness. As with everything Beck touches, this is a go-er. Great expression, loaded with brambly fruit and herbal spice. There’s lift here too, a feeling of relative freshness countering that depth of colour.


Roc’ Ambulle, Domaine le Roc, 2022

  • 750ml
  • Pet Nat
  • Negrette
  • South West France
  • ABV: 9.5%
  • 750ml

One of our sweeter Pet Nats. Gorgeous mouss-y bubble, beautiful deep pink colour, with all the notes of raspberries and cherries that you can hope for. A very easy drinker and perfect for a summers eve.

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