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Westcombe Diary – Pomona salami


This salami was developed after being inspired by their Somerset surroundings. It is a very lightly-smoked pork and veal salami, studded with Pomona (cider brandy liqueur from Somerset Cider Brandy Co.) -steeped green pepper corns, and flavoured with a touch of marjoram. The result is a profile that is round and savoury, with wood smoke, subtle herb notes and then bursts of grassy pepper-y-ness with a hint of apple.

Inspired by Autumn walks through the Somerset orchards, it has taken them a full year to develop a salami that captures the essence of Somerset. It is subtle, yet distinct.

Ingredients :

Pork,Veal,Pork fat , Muscovado Sugar, Green Pepper corns,Black Pepper Marjoram, Ripening Culture, E250, E252

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